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Reason For Using FreeEx.

Free Express
Free Express Free Express
Reason for using FreeEx

1. Safety - Your goods are looked after and not placed with lots of other items, Risk of damage is greatly reduced, there are certainly no footprints on anything we deliver! Fragile and precious is no problem for us.

2. Helpful Staff - Our staff will happily assist you throughout the whole process.

3. Time critical - When it can’t wait until tomorrow, because your client needs it now.

4. Professional - our courier is an extension of YOUR Company, peace of mind that your hard earned reputation is still intact.

5. We stand behind our express service with a money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that we fail to deliver we will completely refund your money upon request .

6. From our customer service to our sales to our drivers you can be assured of dealing with highly trained specialist who will work with you to make sure all your need are met.

7. We strive to complete all deliveries. However sometimes at the first attempt it is not always possible. FreeEx makes second and third delivery attempts at no additional charge.

8. Delivering to over 200 countries and territories worldwide and 100 cities and village. We offer a wide range of flexible and integrated services to meet your unique distribution need including solutions for the return of goods.

9. Facilitates the fast and accurate processing and customs clearance of international shipments begins while shipments are still in flight by customers.

10. Sophisticated real-time tracking information.

Free Express Free Express
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